The Next Level
in a
Detailing Airbrush
Over 4,000 hours
of research and trials
The Ultimate Refinement
in an Airbrush is Born
For only 149.00 USD, you can get an
airbrush with the refinement only seen before
in much more expensive airbrushes. This
airbrush can get the finest lines, effortlessly.
Let me tell you how I achieved this.
I will also personally test out your airbrush and put it through the paces before
I ship it to you. It is guaranteed to arrive ready to give you the finest detail and
control. Your airbrush will be made just for you.
Please email me with any questions or comments.
Through my changing of
the needle for tighter
control and detail.
Shorter trigger for
less fatigue and
Adding a needle handle for
better access to the needle for
easier cleaning and airflow
I added a spring to the
PAC valve for more
micro adjustments to
your air flow.