My New Mentorship
The Art School
Experience Online
Attend my classroom
from your studio to
mine with your
computer or tablet.
For just 25.00 USD per week you get:

A One on One Class each week
A One Hour Group Class on Fine Art Techniques each week
One video critique of the artwork of your choice each week.
You will also have access to exclusive weekly lectures on art
You will have choice to learn airbrush,
pastel painting, or drawing. The choice is
up to you.

Unlike the workshop experience, your
development is continual under my artistic
wing. This is better than traditional art
school. Your schedule and at your pace.
For your weekly one on one lesson, I will
work around your schedule and the times
are always flexible. For the weekly group
class you will have the choice of taking the
live morning or evening class. If you work
full time or are a student, you will have the
chance to take full advantage to my
mentorship program.

Please email me with any questions or