January and the Chill of Snowy White Boards

How are you all today? Yesterday I went to the art store and did what I should have done a very long time ago. I purchased much needed gesso and prepared the boards for this month’s paintings, both for fine art and for selling. 
In February, I am starting my next major painting (God Willing). I am excited about it and I want to just have fun more than anything. I have been perfecting the under painting process. When I started the under paintings years back I was faced with the dilemma of having the under paintings looking rough and coarse.; However with the advent of new techniques and tools, the under painting has become one of the most refined stages in my work. That has been the motto for me since I was a kid; whatever it is I am having trouble with, make it a strength through hard work and perseverance.
I am finishing a couple of commissioned portraits this month. They have been instrumental in getting me back into shape artistically. Speaking of shape, I have been going to the gym since late September and the process of getting into shape is spilling over into my work. Maybe I should look for pastels with heavy weights attached? 🙂
God Bless.

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