Painting Folds

Hi All,
Today I started my Tuesday morning at the easel; I have been painting the folds on the blue drapery that Ruth is wearing. After painting the eyes, the shine of the skin, the background and the shadows, one would think that the folds are not as important. All the elements of the painting are just as important even though they might not have the spotlight. I see many artists paint the spot light elements and just run out of gas with the supporting cast. How many paintings or drawings do you see the figure painted with such detail and the background is weak and wishy washy?
I look at a painting much like that of a movie. The star of the movie is important but only as good as those around them. Some of my favorite actors or actresses have been “character actors”. Without them, the movie would never work.
So, I spend the next few days working out the folds of the drapery with the seriousness of an eye or lips. Without this supporting character, the star would not shine as bright.
Take Care,

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