Esther is Soon to be Revealed

Hi Everyone,

I have been at the easel almost everyday, working on “Esther”. This painting has been a long journey. My summer of 2012 painting.I rarely show works in progress, so I have not shown anybody the painting yet. I guess the reason is that I do not want to have you taste something that is not fully cooked. 🙂

With “Esther” finishing, I am getting more and more excited about the next painting, “Rachel”. My model for this piece, Soraya, has been so gracious to pose for me a second time, she was also the inspiration for “Ruth” and is a most inspiring model. . “Rachel”‘s concept has evolved slowly but with timely advise, I now know what direction to take it. This weekend I will be drawing her on the painting surface. I want this painting to be 24×36”. Its important to have “Rachel” started before “Esther” is completed.

Sometimes I wish that I could work faster but the work has to develop on its own accord. Each painting is its on dictator. Never is the process exactly the same twice. The surface texture is what lets me know when completion is near.With pastel I need to paint the picture at least three times to achieve this. Its hard to explain but when there is a combination of transparent and opaque passages, it feels right to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I can work quickly. I can paint a portrait in three hours but it wont have that magic surface. With my painting, there is no substitute than giving my all. Pretty soon “Esther” will come off the easel and on the wall as “Rachel” takes her place.

God Bless,