Hulu and Productivity

Last night after work I made myself a salad and some green juice for dinner. The night started slow since I had to buy new shoes on the way home from my 9-5 job. All my shoes were destroyed by the floods.
When I finally sat down to the easel it must have been 10pm. Before putting pastel to board, I logged into Hulu plus, which is a service where you can watch new and classic tv shows, I just discovered this over the weekend. I started watching the Cosby show episodes from the late 80s on my PC. Before I knew it I was painting straight until 2 am! Unlike the tv, the computer is right by my easel. Having something familiar, positive, and funny like the Cosby Show in the background made my painting session go so smooth and effortless.
I learned something last night. Create an environment that is positive and fun around you when you paint, draw, or write. With a funny and positive show in the background, this created a sense of peace that did manifest itself in the painting session. I am also thinking that it does not stop there.
What about aroma therapy? If all the senses are relaxed, wouldn’t that create a sense of peace and thus bring the fruit of peace into the work?
Don’t we prepare for the mundane tasks of life? Don’t we take an hour or more to prepare for work (our 9-5 s) each morning?
Let us prepare for our passionate time. Each day let’s discover the peace by working and preparing for it.
Have a Blessed Day,

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