It’s Friday and the word alone brings a sense of peace. For me it means a freedom from the demands of the day to day struggle to survive. I think the best part of being a kid (when I was a kid) was that we didn’t have that pulling towards the “have to’s” in life.

We artists are not too good with the “have to’s”. Who is? However I know it’s accentuated with artists ( whether it be visual artists, singers, writers or dancers ). How do I handle it, and attempt to keep balance,  is not always easy for me.

I see the “have to’s” ( work, food shopping, laundry and the like ) as pieces to the puzzle of the big picture of my life. Without each ingredient being a part of the making of a delicious cherry pie, the cherry pie will cease to be all it could. The missing ingredient, although it may be small, will effect adversely the whole pie.

So on this Friday, I am on the train and on my way to work at my 9-5.

Have a Blessed Weekend,
Tim 🙂

Composing our day

How do I compose my day? That is the question before me as I woke up this morning. My time slips away from me from one day to the evening. I know this also happens to you.

We know what activities, goals and past times that will build us up and buttress our spirits; However before we know it, an errand here or a television show here, and all of a sudden we are ready for bed. This would be bad enough if it is an isolated incident but it becomes a pattern of desperation.

How do we compose our day? We certainly have enough people telling us and demanding us to be at places at exact times and until the moment they demand. This we accept each day because if we don’t, we lose our jobs, or we get a bad grade.

Tell me, how much more tragic is it that we lose our passions or our dreams? Tell me which is worse? This morning I ran to the train so I would not be one minute late and last night I watched a second one hour show rather than feeding my dreams.

Can we compose our day? Can we put our dreams and passions ahead of lesser activities and take it as seriously as not being one minute late for a train, going to a place that is not part of who we are? This is the question I am asking myself today. I would love to hear what you feel about this and some ideas you have to compose your day.

New Adventures

The completion of my latest major painting, “Rachel”, is nearing. Like any milestone in our lives, there are triumphs and defeats. As we grow during any endeavor, we often look back with lament that we could have done it better. How many times have we uttered the phrase, “if only I could be young with the knowledge I have today!”
The truth is that if we aren’t pushing ourselves to learn each day and never rest on past successes, we will never do anything that is worthy of our wonderful potential that God has hard wired within us.
Soon, “Rachel”, will be out there for all the world to see. I will be proud of her for what I accomplished at this stage during this time in my life.
The amazing 19th century Painter , Ingres, once said, “work hard everyday at your craft and you will do things that astonish you.”
God Bless you, my friends.