Pushing Ourselves

Stretching in the morning or before a workout does not always feel so good. We do this to get our muscles ready for strenuous activity and perhaps growth. We are told to stretch before each work out or sport activity.

Do we do that in other areas of our lives? Do we stay with what we know and be comfortable? Do we stretch our selves so we can grow as a person? This is a very important question that we should ask ourselves very often. This is a question we should ask ourselves in all areas,not just our art.

We need to stretch ourselves as parents, sons and daughters, significant others and as husband and wives.
We want and need to grow for ourselves. The journey,although we are with many at times in our lives, is a personal journey.

Seek out new territory,better, nicer, sweeter,more caring and compassionate. Push ourselves to the limit to realize that there are no limits except for the ones we invent.
I resolve to push the envelope in aspects of my life. Will you join me?

God Bless,