Paint as Though You are an Old Master today?

“Prosephone in Summer”
(Detail) work in progress
Acrylic on Wood Panel

This is the Christmas Season and I am always loving this time of year. Even if things are not perfect or are sometimes sad, I love the holiday season more than all others. How can one not love Christmas lights and Christmas trees? How could one not love the amber glow of the Menorahs?

Lately it has been a time of introspection with my art. Do you ever have one of those months? Do you get in those moods when you wonder if anyone is paying attention to your career? Do you ever have that scary notion of, what will happen to all of your art in the future? Will it be in museums, important collections, or will it end up against a wall at a garage sale for 2 dollars?

The truth is that I would paint even if the world thought it to be terrible. The process gives me peace. It always has, even when I was just 3 years old drawing with a red pen on envelopes on the kitchen table. I am not saying that I don’t have the hope that my work will be important in the grand scheme of art history. I am painting and believing that my work will be important. It’s all about the work isn’t it? Did Manet know that his work would be so important? I believe in his heart he did but he had to have had his doubts.

I think it is important to maintain that belief and faith that what you are painting and drawing is important and will be for all of art history.That is the fuel that will get us past the introspection and self doubts. So paint like as though you are an Old Master today.