If Rembrandt had a blog…

Here I am in the wee hours of the morning, on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, typing my blog post about my art and my inspirations. With the advent of  technology and the Internet, I can reach more people in a single morning than Rembrandt could have reached in years.

As an artist today, my sphere of influence is far greater and more autonomous than ever before in the history of art. In one YouTube video on my own YouTube channel, I have almost 60,000 views. This video is a speed painting of a pastel I painted of a young woman. This is why, as an artist, it is imperative that I adopt technology.  It is part of the artist’s job to get the work where you, my audience can see it. It is my task to increase the scope and breath of my work and its influence. Exposure can not happen with the old methods of gallery openings and occasional  articles in periodicles.  Those old world ways are definitely not practical anymore.

It is not enough for the artist to create and be free of marketing concerns. If I continue down that road, I will be working in corporate until the day I pass from this world. Yes, I would have kept my work pure of such commercial concerns; However, at what cost? Will my time spent on business concerns, using the new technologies of the day, effect the purity of my art? Realistically, I believe it has to, at least to some degree. This is inevitable but the alternative of continuing to work in the corporate world is a far worse fate.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  I have come to the epiphany that the death of the gallery market in the village art scene in New York City, is not the end of the line. This is a new Era and if we, as artists adapt, we will thrive and grow even more than it was ever possible for a Rembrandt or Vermeer.

A Rembrandt or a Vermeer, needed the art world to get their work out there. They needed the collectors and newpaper editors to push and spread their influence. However, today with only a Samsung Galaxy tablet, I can and will reach more people with this single blog post than artists throughout history could have in many years.

With all this being said, I am embarking on a journey with YouTube and social media to be one of the most influential artists and teachers on the Internet. I know it will take lots of work and consistency on my part.  I have stepped up my video equipment and dedication to use this technology. I can do what the old masters couldn’t do. My YouTube channel is: www.youtube.com/user/paintedglyphs333 . I would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel. There, I share my painting and drawing techniques, as well as, my current artwork.

In conclusion, the artist today has much more control over their work and the scope of influence they enjoyed in all of art history. The imperative goal is to be consistent and know that the artist’s job does not begin and end at the easel. We are our own marketing team, the public relations firm and directors of development.