Paintings are Documents

“Paintings are documents.” ~ David Hockney
David stated that paintings are documents. I would have to agree that the drawings, paintings, and photographs that we take are documents. These documents will, most likely, say a lot of things about our life at that time.
In my work, this is very evident. In the Autumn of 2007, I started to have some questions and issues about money. This went into my subconscious and the manifestation of this is my “Currency” series. The money made it into my art as background to my paintings.
“Currency #1” 
Pastel on Masonite 24×20″
When I was a student at Southampton College, I had an English teacher and she liked my poetry. She said that the more that I write, the more my work will have the full spectrum of emotions and life experiences. I never forgot that word of advice. She was perfectly correct. The more that I wrote the broader spectrum was in the poetry.
This is true with painting, drawing or photography. The more that you work the more that the work is in lock step with your life and perspective. The style emerges and it is never discovered.
With all this being said, create more frequently and the work will be more of who you are and this time in your life. Like a historical document, the work will tell details about you and in great detail.