Bet on Yourself, Not Holding onto Someone Else’s Dream

Bet on Yourself

This evening I have discovered the HBO show, entitled, “Silicon Valley”. The show is about this young man who has developed an idea that has the possibility to make huge changes in the world of digital technology.  Big tech companies offer him millions but the growth of the idea and concept will be taken from him. He has the dilemma, to grow the idea with investors or sell it out and abandon his baby.

This show struck a major chord with me. I have been perfecting my technique over the years since my teenage years and adult life. My art has always been my baby and I am in charge of what happens to it, its development and it’s commercialization. Yes, I said it, the commercialization of my art. I have been taking care of my art my whole life and I have finally come to the point that it is time that my art takes care of me.

When is it OK to commercialize? Is it nobler and artistic to work for someone else when I am sitting on something as marketable as my art? It is not nobler to play it safe?

We wait and hope that someone will discover our talents, our developed skills and ideas. We pine and hope for validation. Really? We need validation?

I was the one that had gotten up 3 hours early and left 3 hours later during high school each day, to take extra painting and drawing classes. I was the one that had taken a bus and 2 trains to the National Academy of Design, 5 days a week, for 4 years to study with the best painters in New York City.

I paid my dues and over the 25 years after art school, I have kept pushing my artistic talent and technique. I have been taking verbal jabs at those who had given me the advice to give up this “art thing” for something more serious. I have sacrificed new cars, relationships, and respect of many for the development of my artistic skills. What is more serious than that?!

Validation? I earned my stripes and I need no validation. The only validation I need is my hard work and experience. Yeah, I will be betting on me because I know the solid foundation my art is standing upon. No more being a tool to achieve someone else’s dreams and goals. It’s time to work on my own. It has been an honor to develop my art over the years. I would not trade one day of it. It is time to bet on myself.

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