Day 18 My Book : “The Pastel Palette Method” Using Markers in a Pastel Painting?

Markers on a Pastel Painting?
You most certainly can use waterproof markers when working on your pastel painting. There, I said it. When I say that you can use waterproof markers and some brush work, I mean that in a very sparing way and only when it’s needed.
The Pastel Society of America, states in their annual open exhibition prospectus that an eligible pastel painting for entry must be done at least 80 percent in pastel. This gives the pastel artist a wonderful 20 percent of other mediums to work with and still have their work considered a pastel painting.
I usually don’t start to use markers or paintbrush techniques until the late-middle or the end of the painting process.  There are instances where pastel, even with the “Pastel Palette Method”, that the medium cannot handle certain details. Some examples would be the tight details inside and around the eyes or strands of hair. The markers and the paintbrush are the perfect tools for such details. 
As you can see by the example above, using the pink waterproof marker is a much better tool for the tiny details in the corner of her mouth. If you follow this 80/20 rule, it will open the doors for you to experiment and discover radical methods to solve particular problems. Another great example is using a liner brush and brown ink to depict some of the strands of hair against the background. We must free our minds of convention and think outside the box.
Happy painting and happy experimenting.

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