Day 22 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” Erasers, Great for Details in a Pastel Painting


 Erasers, Great for Details in a Pastel Painting

Yes, all those wonderful erasers that you use for your pencil work are among the best tools you can use with pastel. As you know, erasers come in all shapes and sizes, from the very broad to the finest tips and from the very soft to the hardest and most aggressive.
When working with the marble dust treated Masonite panel, you can erase aggressively without worrying whether you are going to damage the surface. This is one of the many ways painting on Masonite is superior than paper.
Underneath the under painting and the layers of pastel is the pristine white of the gesso. If you wanted to achieve the most brilliant highlight in the pupil of the eye, you could remove the top layers with erasers. How many layers of pastel will determine which eraser that you would use. You can also use erasers for more subtle ways. You could create texture with a kneaded eraser or use a pencil eraser to create strands of hair.  In this book I will demonstrate a few of the many ways that erasers are one of the secret weapons of the “Pastel Palette Method”.
They say that pastels are the bridge between drawing and painting. Why not bring those amazing erasers over that bridge with you.

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