Day 24 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” Art History and Your Study of Pastel Painting

Art History and Your Study of Pastel Painting

Photo by Bara Cross from Pexels

We all enjoy working on our art. It’s the continuity that keeps our work organic and ever growing. This is our quest to improve daily. What is one area of artistic growth that you might have overlooked?  It just may be art history.

Since I was 18, I have included the intense study of art history to my personal growth routine as an artist. I have found that art history helps me to find my place within the rich tapestry of artists. I am able to find painters and sculptures who were like-minded as me. These like-minded artists inspire me and let me know that I am not alone. They also had chosen such a life as being an artist.
There are so many movements in art throughout history. The understanding of various art movements will give us perspective into our own time and the movements that are at play in the art world today.
With a strong foundation of art history your work will become richer. You will learn about allegory and themes in art that are as prevalent today as they were hundreds of years ago. When I find a particular artist from the past whose work I admire, I immediately search for a biography of them at my public library. Most times, I find that I can relate to them as an artist but I can also relate to them as a person.
Another great art history resource is video on the Internet. There are wonderful movies and documentaries that are free on YouTube. These documentaries give insight from the most talented and brilliant art historians. Their knowledge of artists throughout history brings the art to life. 
We live in the information age and let’s use this wealth of knowledge at our disposal to grow as artists. Through the independent study of art history our inspirations will run deeper as we become part of that tapestry.

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