Day 28 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” The Best Camera for the Pastel Painter

What Camera Should a Pastel Painter Buy?
I know what you’re thinking and no this is not going to cost you lots of money. You will need to eventually invest into your photography both for model shoots as well as for photographing your artwork. There is no way around this. I will share with you how I have been doing this for years and with limited means.

I thank God, for the advent of digital cameras. I remember the day before digital cameras when there was only 35 mm and its film needed to be developed at a photo lab. This was costly and often discouraging. Today with digital photography, the artist can take as many pictures as possible and see the quality of the photos immediately. The best part is there are no more costly trips to the photo lab.
What type of digital camera?
I feel that a digital SLR (which means single lens reflex) is best because you can change lenses and have total manual control over the exposure of your photos. This means you decide how dark or light your photos look. If you are new to photography, you may shoot in program mode until you get better. This mode does all the decision making for you and the pictures look amazing and professional. The camera I recommend today is the Canon SL2. For the money it takes the best pro photographs. It has the same sensor as the much more expensive cameras by Canon. I also recommend Canon because they have the widest range of lenses to choose from. This camera is by far the best in its class and there is nothing that can touch it in its price range.
Added Bonus, It’s a Movie Camera
The Canon SL2 will also help you to take pro looking high definition video. The SL2 has an external microphone jack for perfect audio and has the Dual Pixel Auto Focus that keeps your subject in focus as you or your subject moves about. You may want to start a YouTube channel down the line and this is a perfect camera for that. The body and a kit lens for the SL2 sells for around $589.00 USD. In my opinion, it’s the perfect studio camera for every pastel painter.
You will absolutely need a good tripod. Since your model or your artwork will be still, it is best to capture as much detail in your photos. The tripod will help you not get blur in your images since our hands will move a bit when we press the shutter. I also like to use the self-timer function on the camera. This prevents the movement of the hand down on the shutter. A good tripod is also adjustable to take pictures looking down at your artwork.
Remember the sharper the image, the better the painting. Our painting can only be as good as our reference. There should never be any corner cutting when acquiring reference for your pastel paintings or photographing your artwork. In the next chapter I will discuss lighting and several options when photographing your model or your artwork. Here is link to the camera I had mentioned:

The Canon SL2 Bundled Kit:

The Best Tripod:            

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