Day 29 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” How Do You Get Someone to Pose?

How Do You Get Someone to Pose?


How do you get someone to pose for your next painting? This is where you find the star of your next pastel. The search must be thorough and they must be able to portray the image and emotions that are perfect for your painting.
I have been painting models for many years and it’s never easy to ask someone to pose for me. It won’t always be a comfortable experience for you either. To do this you need to get out of your comfort zone and be bold.
I like to ask people that I see every day. Perhaps a colleague at work or someone that you may see working at your favorite restaurant. You may even start by asking close friends and family members to pose. Frida Kahlo would often pose herself as did Rembrandt for their own paintings. The main point is that you will either have to pose yourself or someone else to bring your compositions to life. I never condone working from imagination. This will result in a disastrous painting. We are not better than nature and who are we to make things up?
Once you find a model that is perfect for your concept, you may let him or her know the hourly rate you can afford to pay them. I often exchange a portrait drawing of the model as payment for their time. More often than not, they are thrilled with this exchange.
Now that the model has agreed to pose, you will need to protect your work with an artist/model agreement. This one-page form is available on the Internet for free to download and print out. Once filled out and signed by both you and your model, this legal document will assure you that you have all intellectual rights to the photos that you take of the model and the subsequent artwork from those photos. If you do not have this form signed you will have no rights to your images. I am not saying that this would happen but you do want to be covered in the event they do not like the artwork or photos for any reason. 
In Conclusion, don’t be shy and ask that person to pose if they are perfect for your next painting. The health of your paintings depends on it.

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