Day 30 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” Every Painting is Tending to Your Bamboo Seed

Every Painting is Tending to Your Bamboo Seed
We all want to grow as artists and our road of mastering the pastel medium is part of that growth. Our personal growth does not always happen at the same pace as others around us. This can be very disheartening and it’s easy to get discouraged. We have all had our hopes dashed at one time or another. Can we get out of our own way and through the obstacle of discouragement?
Yes! We most certainly can and we will get through it if we work in spite of such emotions and adversity. Each drawing, each painting is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder of our artistic growth. When you want to throw in the towel, buckle down and continue to work. How you feel doesn’t matter because this is a process. If a painting or drawing is giving you a hard time, continue. The painting or drawing is part of the bigger picture that is larger than itself. The bigger picture is your life’s growth as an artist. Remember if you are standing still, you are going backwards.
A friend told me about a story of a farmer and the life of the bamboo plant. This plant begins with a seed and the farmer that is willing to wait. That person will water that seed every day. Years go by and seemingly nothing is happening. There is no evidence of growth at this point. Is all the watering and keeping the ground fertile an act of futility? Others may wonder what in the world is he doing? They may also wonder why he is investing all this time in a seed that is obviously not growing. But one day, after five years, something happens. The plant emerges from the ground. In 5 weeks after this plant emerges, it grows to over 90 feet tall.
That’s you, the farmer and the seed is your growth as an artist. Don’t worry whether or not you can see the growth of your art. Just continue to tend to your seed. Nature rewards this kind of faith that the farmer had and you will be rewarded as well.  Work through discouragement and have faith in the process of being an artist.

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