Day 33 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” How and When to Use Pastel Pencils

How and When to Use Pastel Pencils
Pastel pencils are the perfect marriage of drawing and painting in one tool. The precision and familiarity of a pencil is hard to resist. It could be tempting for you to paint your whole picture in pastel pencils. Not so fast! Although they are a very wonderful tool, I feel that the pastel pencil has its rightful place in the painting process.
You do not want to use the pastel pencil in the lay-in stages of your painting. This tool is not well suited for covering larger areas of color. Its small point doesn’t allow for even blends. Although pastel pencils come in a very wide range of colors, they will rarely be the exact color that you need.
When the pastel pencil does shine it’s during the “end game” of your pastel painting. This is when you are painting in the subtle nuances of your portrait. You want that laser focus of these smaller areas and the pastel pencil is up for such a challenge. A few perfect times are the reddish black of a nostril, the crease of the eyelid or the wrinkles in the upper lid. For those moments and many more, you will find that there’s no better tool than the pastel pencil.
Resist the temptation to use the wonderful pastel pencil for larger areas of your painting. If you are working on the smaller and more detailed areas of your pastel painting then the pastel pencil is made exactly for that. The pastel pencil is a “must have” for the pastel painter using my method, especially if you use it correctly.

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