Day 34 My Book: “The Pastel Palette Method” My Pastels, What You Should Begin With.

My Pastels, What You Should Begin With.
There are many pastel brands out there. Each brand with its own degree of softness and color saturation. With so many pastels on the market, it could be very overwhelming. I will be breaking down my pastels and why I use them.
When I start a painting in pastel the initial pastels I use are from the Cretacolor Pastel Carre 72-piece set. These wonderfully saturated pastels leave a minimum amount of pastel on the painting surface. They are perfect for not over loading the painting too early.
After this initial layer, I will go into the pastel brand that is my main staple throughout the pastel painting’s progress. These pastels are from the Holbein Soft Pastels 72-piece set. They are the perfect bridge both from the hard and to the softer pastels. They have the an exquisite amount of saturation and they still won’t over load the painting surface too early. The Holbein Pastels also have a very nice coverage when wanting to paint in opaque passages.
At the end of the pastel painting, the surface will get heavy loaded with pastels and this is when the softer pastels are needed. My favorite brand for this is the Sennelier pastels. A set of 40 half sized sticks are a great way to start your collection. These pastels have a creamy consistency and cover other pastels marvelously.
There are moments in every painting when you need to have the point of the pencil for tight detail. The Pitt Pastel Pastel Pencil is perfect for this. They have a beautiful saturation and they can give you the laser focus of a pencil point. A set of 36 is a great start with this wonderful tool.
With the pastels that I had outlined here, you will be able to fully utilize all the techniques of the Pastel Palette Method. This is a great start and then you can always add individual pastels and sets from other brands. You will will always be building your collection.
Here are the links where you may purchase these pastels I outlined that are available on Amazon:
CretaColor Pastel Carre 72 Piece Set
Holbein 72 Piece Set
Sennelier Half Stick Set of 40
Pitt Pastel Pencil Set of 36

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