Don’t Sell Your Airbrush!

Don’t Sell Your Airbrush!

You are but a dilution away.

The Problems New Airbrush Artists Face

I find that many new people who get so excited about their airbrush purchase, face a daunting task of controlling their airbrush’s spray. They want to create the soft and hard edges that are the beautiful hallmark of this most versatile of mediums. All the time I watch as the new airbrush artists spend many dollars to get the best equipment, airbrush, compressor, a full line of airbrush paints, mediums, and even freehand shields only to have them start the process of collecting dust within a month of purchase.

I am here to share some very wonderful news. You are not being told the whole airbrush story. What you don’t know is exactly what is keeping you from growing as an airbrush and more importantly, keeping you from enjoying your airbrush to the fullest.

The airbrush was not made for acrylic paint. The airbrush was invented for inks and dyes. This is because the particles of acrylic paints are too big and they clog the nozzle opening very quickly. This clogging causes spitting and irregular sprays, in essence, a very bad airbrushing experience. The problem is not you. The problem is that you are just not being told the entire truth.

That is why my Ink Dilutions were created. With my dilutions, the ink flows perfectly through your airbrush with no clogs and no spitting. Its thin viscosity is perfectly suited for the airbrush and its narrow nozzle. That viscosity along with the lower PSI on your airbrush and micro-adjustments with a MAC Valve will help you gain that elusive control. That control can be yours.

Why Working in Black and White is Best for the Beginner.

I am a classically trained artist. I was working as an artist over 25 years in other mediums before I ever picked up the airbrush. In many of the classical art schools, the students will not touch color until some time of training in black and white or monochromatic paining. This is because the artist needs to learn to draw accurate contours and values as well as controlling and varying edges. These skills are very difficult to master and compounding color on top of that impedes the learning process. So, in the beginning, black and white is right for the airbrush artist!

This is why working with my Ink Dilutions will help you to rediscover your airbrush and have fun growing in your skills. So please dust off that airbrush, get my Ink Dilutions and start to have fun.

You can purchase my Ink Dilutions Set on my website:

Also, you can watch me demo my Ink Dilutions on my Youtube Channel

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