Fight and Win Against Airbrush Procrastination

Tips to Fight Airbrush Procrastination and Go Forward Anyway

Do you ever look at your airbrush, look at the empty board or canvas, and look at the computer or cell phone?  Well, this happens to me more often than you would think.

This procrastination or lack of action happens to every airbrush artist. The difference between the active painters and the ones who seem to never finish their work is that the successful airbrush artist goes forward anyway. They fight the battle before it is ever fought.

Remember, it is not about whether or not it becomes a good painting or not, it is about the practice and putting in our hours to get to, reach for, or strive for our artistic potential. So how can we do this? I have some great tips that will help you.

Prepare Your Studio the Night Before

Just like dieters who prepare their healthy meals and keep junk food far from them, airbrush artists can prepare for the next visit to their studio and keep the distractions and time-wasters far from their work area.

One way is to get their airbrush perfectly clean the night before and double-check that it is working properly. This way when you come into the studio, you are not wrestling with a dirty and non-working airbrush. Second, have your inks or paints organized and ready to go. So when you are sitting down to work, you are instantly painting.

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

Remember the dieter? They kept junk food away from them so they don’t eat those super high caloric foods and distract them from the fruits and vegetables they need to eat. The same principle is for the studio. I love social media, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but keep them turned off when you are sitting down to work. Those sites will distract you from your painting time. After you are done painting you will have lots of time to visit my YouTube channel. LOL

I hope this helps you. When you grow as an artist, we all grow too. Don’t forget and follow my videos and live streams, there you will get more great tips and be able to see my unique technique of painting in India Ink and airbrush on tinted paper.

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