Five Things That Will Make You a Better Airbrush Artist

Five Things That Will Make You a Better Airbrush Artist

Do you search for or wonder what would be the perfect advice for the airbrush artist that feels stuck or on a plateau in their learning and airbrush control?  I came up with these five tips that will help you to grow and be a better airbrush artist.

1. Practice the Art of Practicing.

What do I mean about this is that we need to practice but to practice on a higher level. Dagger Strokes, Dots, and Fading Lines are not just things we do to warm up. Each and every day, attempt to improve on yesterday’s Dagger strokes, Dots and Fading Lines.

2. Play, Play, Play with the Paint or the Ink.

When you are practicing daily, play and experiment with the paint. See what happens when the air pressure is low or when you over reduce it. Play with the distance and how it reacts when you add white to it. This type of thinking will go a long way to helping you become a better airbrush artist.

3. Look to the Old Masters.

The tradition of European Painting from the 1400s to the early Twentieth Century is rich with the inspiration and knowledge of painting that was passed on from generation to generation. There are so many artists and approaches in history. If you search through art history you will find an artist that will inspire you and give you a direction and focus that you would not have otherwise.

4. The One Second Rule.

This is one of my most important rules when it comes to becoming a better airbrush artist. It is much easier to paint what you are seeing when you are actually looking and studying your subject before you paint it. This rule is simple, the amount of time you paint is equal to the amount of time you are looking at the what you are painting. If you are painting for a second, look at the photo for a second. If you are painting for 4 seconds, look at the photo for 4 seconds. I guarantee that your painting will have a sharper and more accurate realism.

5. Use Up Those Art Supplies

You went out and purchased those paints and that frisket only to have them sit on the shelf in your studio. One of your main goals is to use up all of those supplies. This goal has two great results. The first is that you will get better through practice and the second, is that you will need to order new supplies when you run out. A win, win scenario if you ask me.

I hope this helps to give you a direction and guidance to reach your full potential as an airbrush artist. Please check out my YouTube channel where you find videos, live streams, and tutorials that will help you to become a better airbrush artist through my innovative technique of using India Ink with the airbrush. I also teach online, one on one through Skype where you will learn how to paint in airbrush side by side with me. For more information, please log onto my website:

8 thoughts on “Five Things That Will Make You a Better Airbrush Artist”

  1. Practice… You missed out Patience… I found this out the hard way, the two P’s. Now I practice at least half an hour per session, patience comes with time, mainly when you realise that the faster you try and paint the bigger the mess, the slower and take your time, the better the end result…
    Other than that Tim some great suggestions that everyone needs to do and think about

    1. Hi Pigment, Yes, patience is such an important element to getting better and growing as an airbrush artist. Slow and steady does win the race. Thank you so much for your comments!!!

  2. getting lots of inspiration from you Tim, I live in the North East of England and would like to know if i can purchase your ready mixed ink set, not sure about shipping cost. Also when I watch you work the detail around eyes and nose on portraits is an airbrush with a 0.2 mm needle suitable to achieve this

    1. Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I sent out your inks plus extra. Please let me know when they arrive. ~Tim

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