Don’t Stare at Your Home Runs

No Gaps No Way

When I say no gaps I mean that there should not be a long period of time between one painting or drawing to the next one. In that space, there is the enemy of growth.


You heard the advice that consistent effort is the key to success. I am going even deeper. What you need to pay attention to are the moments in between each accomplishment. Between stimulus and our reaction is a space. You are in control of that space. I find that I learn the most from a painting by applying the lessons learned immediately on the next painting or drawing.

Don’t Stare at Your Home Runs

I know its almost October and for the postseason of Major League Baseball. It was only a matter of time before I included a baseball reference in my blog. When some players hit a home run, they often stand and stare at the mammoth shot as it goes over the fence. It’s definitely fine to be pleased with a successful painting but while we are patting ourselves on the back for too long, we are missing an opportunity to learn and continue to grow. I always like the players when they hit a home run, put their head down and round the bases quietly and humbly until they cross home plate.

Finish Means a New Beginning

If you need to, have your next painting already started before the latest painting is completed. This way you decrease the space between the two works even more. Trust me, when you decrease the time between paintings or drawings, your learning, and growth as an artist will also increase.

I hope this helps you to realize that the inspiration is inside you. Check out my website at There you will find info on my YouTube Channel, My India Ink, and Airbrush technique as well as new artwork available.

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