Painting as Prayer

Painting as Prayer

Painting is an amazing and sometimes mysterious process. Perhaps you have felt it. Sometimes when you are engrossed in a painting or drawing, the time seems to stand still but when you look up at the clock, many hours have gone by. I feel this is where we enter that meditation. A place where we are on a higher plane of consciousness.

All great art is a visual form of prayer.” ~ Sister Wendy Beckett

Each painting that I work on has its very own characteristics. This is one of the things I feel is so very special about being an artist; no two paintings are the same. There may be similarities but no two are ever quite the same. 

To work is to pray.” ~ John Singer Sargent

I am not saying that all artists feel this way or one can not be a very excellent artist otherwise. What I am saying is, this has always been my personal experience when working on my art. I have been an artist since my earliest conscious thoughts. When I was a baby, I would draw. As a child and young man, drawing was always an escape from the bitterness of life. I can measure the units of time through the paintings I have worked on.

I have gone through very rough emotional and mental patches in my life, as all of us have. My art has always been the tool to help me to regain balance. Spiritually, I have never been alone, never will I ever be alone. With each new painting, there is the hope of beauty, redemption, and greatness. It is an opportunity to be in meditation. In this act of painting, I am listening.

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